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Bernard admitted evading PS176,900 of income tax by failing to notify the tax man about the garage.
The number of those evading from military service without serious reasons is declining, he said.
The report said that PAC considers accounting firms also responsible for the 'elaborate corporate construct' to find ways of evading 'fair taxes'.
A non-smoker, he admitted to evading more than PS5,600 in taxes by smuggling 16,400 cigarettes and 20 litres of rum into the UK.
If you are aware of someone who is evading their taxes you can tell HMRC via the Tax Evasion Hotline by phone on 0800 788 887, or log on to www.
3 of the WADA code, which states that " refusing or failing without compelling justification to sample collection after notification or otherwise evading sample collection is an anti- doping rule violation.
It has been brought in to the notice of senior officials that some cigarette manufacturing factories are evading taxes, so FBR has decided for auditing of these factories.
In fact, on Sunday Brigadier General Ahmad Miqani (photo), commander of a major defense base, proclaimed that Iran has not only learned how to track all of the enemy's "radar evading cruise missiles," but is now capable of shooting them down as well.
Dave Hartnett, HMRC permanent secretary for tax, said: "Those who have been evading UK tax on assets held in Liechtenstein banks must now settle with us.
AMAN accused with having 4,000 litres of laundered diesel has been charged with evading duty, Revenue and Customs said yesterday.
Doran, who is thought to be 32 but gave investigators different dates of birth and used various aliases, admitted evading tax when he appeared at Cardiff Crown Court yesterday.
Now the 57-year-old, who was of previous good character, has evaded custody after admitting three charges of evading duty on the tobacco.