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Authorities said it is highly probable that Lim being aided by individuals in his wide network in evading arrest.
After evading the checkpoint, police officers gave chase and cornered the suspect.
Over 45 manufacturers are selling more than 200 brands in the market, evading the tax and regulatory laws of the country.
Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Apr 7 ( ANI ): Rajpal Singh, the director of an online shopping website Gadgets Guru, was arrested on Saturday for allegedly evading service tax and Goods and Service Tax (GST).
BEIRUT: In a statement Wednesday, March 14 General Secretariat member Nawfal Daou said the vote law should oblige candidates to show bills and tax forms as proof they are not evading taxes.
Meanwhile, while the FBR is rightly penalising companies evading taxes, it is also working on a tax amnesty scheme for those who have created assets abroad by evading taxes.
co.uk/ He also pleaded guilty to evading PS63,300 of VAT in relation to his garage business in Hill Street, Toxteth.
Pretoria, Jumada I 15, 1436, Mar 6, 2015, SPA -- The Republic of South Africa and the State of Qatar today signed an agreement on ways of evading double taxation and prevention of financial evasion regarding taxes on income between the two governments.
The armed forces of Kyrgyzstan seek to restrict travel abroad for citizens evading from military service, Armed Forces General Staff Conscription Division Chief Col.
US authorities are conducting an investigation against 10 Swiss banks suspected of assisting American clients in evading taxes.
Andrew Creelman, 54, pleaded guilty to two counts of knowingly evading duty payable on cigarettes and alcohol, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said.