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Also, since shootouts often include larger committees than those that evaluate products in a standard way, multiple opinions can be a hindrance.
Thirty students participated in a focus group to evaluate the program's multicultural component and recommend changes.
[sections] 801.3(e)(1) provides that no employee of the IRS may use records of tax enforcement results to evaluate any other employee or to impose or suggest production quotas or goals for any employee.
Deciding these issues will establish the framework for the specific measures and standards used to evaluate the agreed-upon performance dimensions.
If, by chance, agencies do successfully evaluate how well they've fulfilled their mission, they believe that their duties end there.
In turn, each of these outcomes can then be used to evaluate the success of the VR program.
Sometimes instruments are designed to evaluate subcomponents of broad areas - particularly those concerned with unique features.
Bank regulators want assurance, however, that the bank's management and directors are aware of significant exposures and that reasonable procedures are in place to evaluate the risks.
The goal of this proof of concept, internally controlled clinical trial was to evaluate the safety and ability of TRCs -- a proprietary autologous bone marrow-derived stem cell product -- to increase bone height in the posterior maxilla (upper jaw) of 5 patients, who had severe bone loss in the region and minimal residual bone remaining.
We used a combination of traditional and new measurement techniques to evaluate newsprint calendered using a hard-nip, a conventional soft-nip, and an extended soft-nip.
Auditors should test and evaluate the design effectiveness of company-level controls first and adjust their approach for evaluating the other aspects of internal control over financial reporting accordingly.
Our analysis was designed to evaluate only whether a population-level effect on emergency department visits, specifically on asthma and other respiratory illnesses, was evident following pyrethroid pesticide spraying.