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Auditors need to obtain an understanding of the methods and assumptions a specialist uses, make appropriate tests of data provided to the specialist and evaluate whether the specialist's findings support the related financial statement assertions.
Of these, the number of times the internal auditors' work is requested is considered the eighth most important way to evaluate auditors.
DxCG, an ISO business, promotes fair and efficient health care by providing software solutions to more accurately plan, budget and evaluate health care management programs.
We are proceeding to evaluate a new schedule of Talvesta administered once every three weeks and intend on pursuing lung cancer, as well as other solid tumor types, with this new schedule.
This trial is being conducted in order to evaluate the potential impact of a higher dose of tgAAC09 and boost vaccination on the strength and duration of immune responses.
The organization discovers, evaluates and demonstrates the field-ready hardware and software, management processes, infrastructure configurations, measurement techniques and best practices that are likely to speed the early adoption of cost-effective, easy-to-use designs and technologies for working and collaborating from remote locations.
Its lead drug, CF101, is currently undergoing clinical development to evaluate its efficacy in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.
The Phase 2 randomized, active-controlled study of denosumab was designed to evaluate dosing options and its effect in decreasing bone turnover in breast cancer patients with bone metastases who had not previously received intravenous bisphosphonate therapy.
For effective modeling of the revision process, Schunk suggests that teachers "state their purpose of writing, then as they read aloud what they have written, evaluate whether it is focused on the purpose, clearly stated, and comprehensive" (p.
CPAs should evaluate existing tax accruals for items that do not meet the more-likely-than-not requirement.
ThromboGenics NV (Euronext Brussels: THR), Leuven, Belgium, a biotechnology company focused on vascular disease, has initiated a Phase IIa clinical trial to evaluate microplasmin for the intra-arterial treatment of stroke.
It also provides a structure to help evaluate the credibility of a publication.