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The DoD mandated the use of evaluated IT products in October 2002, with the issuance of DoD Information Assurance Directive 8500.
Although sinks are usually evaluated subjectively "by eye," these tests used a coordinate measuring machine to produce a quantitative measurement of the depth of sink.
The EPA's current method for evaluating these effects is the multigenerational reproduction study, in which animals are exposed at critical periods of sexual differentiation and their second-generation offspring evaluated at 21 days after birth.
Asset performance must be evaluated relative to the requirements of the liabilities and the cost of capital.
Isolate 1, which had a high level of resistance (Van A phenotype, MIC 256 [micro]g/ml), was evaluated correctly in 5 (83%) of 6 laboratories.
The final regulations do not specifically address how specialists will be evaluated.
There are many more independent directors who are used to being evaluated in their own companies.
Another reason that coagents are used in HNBR formulations is increased cure speeds and this can be evaluated by measuring the change in torque over time using an ODR.
Advocacy and objectivity is evaluated by stating the purpose of the page, establishing any possible bias, and stating whether or not the page is supported by advertising.
In addition, researchers evaluated the effect of a combination of TAXOTERE and satraplatin on prostate cancer cells.