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Silverpop also evaluated the ratio of images to text and found, not surprisingly, that image-rich emails sent to consumers generated higher click rates.
1 the only EAL4 evaluated ACP 145 compliant product, and providing the only EAL4 evaluated X.
Forrester identifies HRMS as a comprehensive suite of applications for workforce management, and evaluated vendors by how their offerings help organizations manage personnel costs, operate efficient HR business processes, comply with employment laws and regulations, and optimize the value of their employees.
The report also indicates that among the patients who participated in the trial, a considerable improvement was observed in the number of swollen and tender joints in all dosages evaluated.
Also evaluated was the time to a urinary N-telopeptide level less than 50 nM BCE/mM creatinine, and safety.
Cyber-Ark's Vaulting technology was also evaluated by ICSA Labs around the following:
Incubator provides a configurable evaluation framework to allow teams to determine how ideas should be evaluated and which business functions or users should be involved in the evaluation.
Since it's presumed that the position will be evaluated by a taxing authority, the technical merits of a tax position are to be evaluated on tax law, including legislative intent, regulations, rulings and case law.
The company has several programs in Phase II clinical development including microplasmin, which is being evaluated as a treatment for vitreoretinal disorders and as a thrombolytic agent for vascular occlusive diseases, including acute stroke.
The evidence obtained is evaluated critically to determine its validity and to determine whether it answers the questions in a useful way.
While the residents and medical students know they're being evaluated, "they don't know who is observing them for what," says Stephen Clyman, executive director of NBME's Center for Innovation, which is overseeing the project.
But perhaps the easiest method, and one that is now mandatory for the DoD, is the use of information technology products that have been independently evaluated and certified.