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Recognizing that the approaches for determining fair value described in generally accepted accounting principles sometimes vary depending on investment type, the SAS says auditors should evaluate whether the determination of fair value is consistent with the approach specified in GAAP.
A national group that accredits hospitals and a subsidiary of the California Medical Association will evaluate up to 32 health maintenance plans for the state of California, officials said Monday.
Pearson Knowledge Technologies is the developer of products and services based on a unique automated text analysis technology that evaluates the meaning of whole passages.
an organization to discover, evaluate and demonstrate software, hardware and services to enable remote work and collaboration, is now offering formal assessments on the viability of telework programs for both the public and private sector.
In order to meet our customers' and partners' security requirements, we felt it was important to have the security industry's leading independent testing firm evaluate our Digital Vault platform," said Nir Gertner, Chief Technology Officer of Cyber-Ark Software.
Dangerous Services: Reviews commonly exploited services including Telnet, Messenger, SNMP, Alerter and ClipBook services and evaluates whether these are either disabled or severely restricted.
The purpose of such models is to simulate the future behavior of the system in order to gain a diagnostic understanding of the system, ask "what if" questions about it, and evaluate alternative designs, policies, and plans.
Aplio CV System Features Dyssynchrony Imaging(a) to Accurately Evaluate Ventricular Mechanical Dyssynchrony
The Board continues to evaluate strategic alternatives, including liquidation and dissolution, and believes that it will be able to conclude its evaluation of alternatives within sixty days.
Evaluates how accessible the health plan is to its members and judges its customer service by evaluating annual consumer surveys designed and required by NCQA as well as methods that the health plan has in place to resolve member issues.
Standard & Poor's Criteria: For loans governed by a predatory lending statute, Standard & Poor's evaluates the impact the statute may have on the availability of funds to pay investors of its rated securities.
The report evaluates vendors that offer server-based products used to enable authentication services, basic authorization services, and basic user-delegated administration services for Web-based applications.

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