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Annotations are specified in the assignment so that students do not have to simply summarize the information in the sources, but evaluate the credibility and relevance of each source for their presentations.
Promethean is eager to do more shoot-outs because, naturally, it benefits the company, but also because the company feels that it truly is an effective way to evaluate equipment, especially presentation products.
It is mandatory to establish outcomes assessment parameters to evaluate and analyze the specific approaches mandated by managed care companies.
Russell Banks (Grow Group): I find it's difficult to evaluate by checking off boxes as to whether someone is a contributing board member.
HOUSTON -- Helping enterprise organizations to more quickly and easily evaluate their state of audit readiness, BindView Corp.
The purpose of such models is to simulate the future behavior of the system in order to gain a diagnostic understanding of the system, ask "what if" questions about it, and evaluate alternative designs, policies, and plans.
Aplio CV System Features Dyssynchrony Imaging(a) to Accurately Evaluate Ventricular Mechanical Dyssynchrony
The Board continues to evaluate strategic alternatives, including liquidation and dissolution, and believes that it will be able to conclude its evaluation of alternatives within sixty days.
Evaluates how health plans ensure that doctors listed in their provider network are licensed and trained to practice medicine and how the health plan is checking that members are satisfied with their personal doctors or nurses.
The Web single sign-on report evaluates 12 vendors in this market.
For loans governed by a predatory-lending statute, Standard & Poor's evaluates the impact the statute may have on the availability of funds to pay investors of its rated securities.
Top Industry Analyst Organization Evaluates Answerthink's

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