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Respondents made the fewest errors when using the evaluative templates and the most errors when using the graphic templates.
Mount's promise of a renewed commitment to evaluative criticism is deferred until the closing chapter, "Exodus Lost.
Therefore, refraining from using evaluative terms may weaken rather than strengthen the descriptive adequacy or truth status of our accounts.
Part one of the monograph concentrates on various aspects of evaluative morphology.
Hypothesis 1a: Evaluative performance appraisal will have a negative influence on employee proactive behavior.
A] thick term or a concept T is inherently evaluative in meaning if literal uses of sentences of the form x is T in normal contexts entail, as a conceptual matter or in virtue of a semantic rule, that x is good or bad (depending on T) in a certain way--where "a semantic rule" covers also such further semantic properties as conventional implicature and semantic presupposition.
linguistic means which are denotatively (descriptively) evaluative (Cruse 2000: 4860).
Thus, a gap in the literature exists concerning the specific ways that counselors use evaluative language in counseling instruction and practice.
Thus, the present study hypothesized that, people facing medical problems, such as patients and their relatives, are assumed to have a greater need for abundant and accurate medical information, and consequently use different evaluative standards and search strategies from those used by the general public.
Evaluative adverbs express an emotion or evaluation towards the propositional content of a sentence--examples in English are sadly, luckily, fortunately.
The evaluative process is essential for the quality control of projects and research(ers).

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