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The evaluation plan called for the evaluators to collect data by actively participating in and, if possible, successfully completing the laboratory exercises.
The primary evaluator was invited to present a workshop to all counselors in the school district in early August, by a new central office staff member who had not yet been informed about the planned evaluation.
Most custody evaluations are done by evaluators who are inadequately trained and use ill-defined principles to reach their conclusions.
The worst mistake companies make, Streuling and Cherrington agree, is inadequately training evaluators.
The evaluator acts as a statistical consultant for the grant's research methods.
Jack Scott is the managing partner at Evaluator Group (Englewood, CO).
An evaluator cannot observe all aspects of performance of a manager/decision maker (hereafter referred to as DM) because of conflicting demands on the evaluator's attention, or simply because of physical constraints (DeNisi, 1996).
Yet, even an exhibit that operates flawlessly can possess subtle features that undermine its message, notes Sue Mien, one of two full-time evaluators at the Exploratorium in San Francisco.
After identifying an evaluator and negotiating the fee for service, the next step in the evaluation process was to orient the evaluation consultant to the aims of the camp, the types of activities offered, a profile of the campers, and an orientation to the challenges these camps offered to agency staff.
Readers of The Washington Monthly are well aware of the GAO's importance and of the need for an objective evaluator of government programs that is immune to political pressures and bureaucratic power plays.
In this technique, the evaluator identifies a particular group of individuals (usually five to eleven people) that meet certain criteria (e.