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country urbanized, the memory of a citizen militia evanesced, and the
Recently established post-colonial political and administrative systems in Africa and Asia were already eroding, and fledgling democracies evanesced throughout the third world into authoritarian regimes, often led by military juntas.
Under the stress of a feeling of ridicule or derision which sensed was felt if having no other expression than the exasperating smile that goads so much, all that independence of what "they would say" evanesced like the morning mist.
Would it have absorbed and superseded the growing conservative movement, or swiftly evanesced? We will never know, because all did not go well.
As his strength evanesced, he roused himself, fired up his pen and dashed off acid-tinged missives that warned Stanislavsky against employing his familiar, cloying theatrical tricks.
Again, in a poem modeled on the Arabic, about the Caliph al-Hakim, I wrote: And sometimes, in the pitch-light of the bazaar God's shadow baited bears or egged men on To braggadocio or fisticuffs, or spied upon Their most secretive gestures, their least Askance innuendoes, their cupped whispering; Till, surrogate, he evanesced on the Muqattan Hills One evening, leaving only slivered veils behind.
Hobbe's "ghost of the Roman Empire" may finally have evanesced, but we professionals are in no agreement at all on whether to hold this thousand years together or how, on what basis, to divide out epochs and themes.