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Scottish fans get their first look at Amy when Evanescence make their debut north of the border, at Glasgow Carling Academy on Tuesday, November 4.
The 35-year-old singer also wrote the song Speak to Me for Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke's upcoming thriller, Voice from the Stone, but it has taken the Evanescence lead singer a long time to get her work noticed and she has had a lot of her work rejected.
It's going to feel amazing to step back onstage with the band this fall," Evanescence front man Amy Lee told (http://www.
and in Japan, Evanescence fans need not to be disheartened because lead singer Amy Lee reveals in an interview with Rolling Stone that the group may expand the tour next year.
Eagle-eyed South African readers and rock fans may recognise the Evanescence guitarist from his time with cult post-grunge act Seether.
The only original members of Evanescence are me and Ben.
We stepped away in such a major way that I wasn't sure if we were going to do another Evanescence album,'' says the 29-year-old Californian.
Touring behind the self-titled "Evanescence," the band's third studio album (and second back-to-back chart-topper), Evanescence (the band) delivered a blistering 75-minute, 17-song set that included a three-song encore.
The opening track, What You Want, is lighter with its electropop feel, but what follows later is what people have come to expect from Evanescence - big soundscapes with bursts of heavy guitar and Amy Lee's quasi-operatic vocals.
The Limerick lass rips it up to Beyonce and Rihanna but saves the classics like Journey and, er, for singing Evanescence down tut local.
The actress was tapped for her beauty, star image and for her "personality that blends sensuality, voluptuousness and evanescence to evoke the many facets of Angel," according to Thierry Mugler Fragrances.
The 32-year vista I have attained from being in this industry has generated endurance and evanescence harbingers, which may, of course, have exceptions--but rarely so.