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Evanescence are currently working on a new project called Synthesis, featuring an orchestra.
Evanescence announced that they would be hitting the road on their (http://evanescence.com/) official site .
Eagle-eyed South African readers and rock fans may recognise the Evanescence guitarist from his time with cult post-grunge act Seether.
She was fully prepared, Lee says, to have to reestablish Evanescence's audience if the band's fans had gone away during the five years between albums.
"We stepped away in such a major way that I wasn't sure if we were going to do another Evanescence album,'' says the 29-year-old Californian.
The opening track, What You Want, is lighter with its electropop feel, but what follows later is what people have come to expect from Evanescence - big soundscapes with bursts of heavy guitar and Amy Lee's quasi-operatic vocals.
New Delhi, June 17 (ANI): Photographer Priyanka Sachar in her first solo exhibition titled "Evanescence" showcased her photographs, through which she seeks to share with others, the beauty, diversity and irony of the world around her.
The actress was tapped for her beauty, star image and for her "personality that blends sensuality, voluptuousness and evanescence to evoke the many facets of Angel," according to Thierry Mugler Fragrances.
The 32-year vista I have attained from being in this industry has generated endurance and evanescence harbingers, which may, of course, have exceptions--but rarely so.
Each of your girls buys a copy of the Flicka soundtrack, but you so want to blow the rest of your allowance on Evanescence. The only thing to do is....
Evanescence, The Open Door (Wind-up) Raven-haired rock drama queen Amy Lee and new guitarist and cowriter Terry Balsamo temper darkness, raw emotion, and scarier lyrical fare with graceful embellishment from a full choir and string section.