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Interior of penis with a small conical papilla at insertion of epiphallus, from which a single mid-line fold runs to penis base; additional concentric folds surround papilla on both sides, these converging and evanescing toward penis base; the resultant pattern of folds differing considerably from that of A.
23K), these more distinct toward periphery, but evanescing on base which is more glossy and sculptured only with close-set, microscopic, incised spiral threads, rendered irregularly undulant by growth-lines.
Of course, Virno and Antonio Negri's theorizations of immaterial labor notwithstanding, much of the world is still very much engaged in Fordist or, indeed, pre-Fordist production: The physical "finished product" shows no signs of evanescing.
Teleoconch sculptured initially by close-set axial riblets, these becoming less distinct with growth and tending to anastomose, producing a pitted or wrinkled sculpture; this sculpture evanescing at periphery, base smoother and more glossy with only weak growth-lines and fine spiral lirae.
Axial ribs straight, slightly prosocline, moderately weak below suture, evanescing below "waist", fasciole with strong nodules; ribs in t/s more or less angularly rounded, with sloping sides, ribs wider than their intervals, 8 per whorl; bases of ribs narrowing where they cross basal "waist", where they are separated by foveolate interstices.