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Teleoconch of a further 2 1/4 whorls; sculptured by numerous, close-set, incised spiral striae; striae crossed by frequent fine, irregular growth-lines rendering the former wavy; basal sculpture similar, but weakening at umbilical rim and evanescing within.
IN the trenches of culture, the personality of R knowledge, its residence, is evanescing everywhere you look.
There is something about a dream that is even more harmful than death--perhaps because dreams offer occasional joy that will last but a moment before evanescing.
The danger, as suggested, is that the promised critical analysis of the text can too easily turn out to be little more than a mirage, eventually evanescing into thin air in an indeterminate region somewhere between theoretical discourse and the literary archaeology of the textual scholars.
The networks of our day are chiefly in the business of telling stories to stir up evanescing emotions; they barely bother with lip service to grander ideals.
The jolting and disconcerting nature of the sequence is exacerbated by its sharp graphic and aural contrasts established by what follows, after the brief opening credits, with the first views of the Valombreuse estate (changed from the novel's "Glendinning"): a static, deep focus, long shot of the family mansion centered in the background, graced by lush, forested hills behind, and fore-grounded with an elegantly manicured green lawn watered by sprinklers evanescing in the glow of sunrise.
Of special importance is the emphasis given to archival documentation, letters, relations, legal proceedings, and witness accounts, many of which abound in the geo-scattered repositories of European and Latin American libraries and in the evanescing memory of oral cultures.
Those sciences reveal types of life evanescing into each other by inexpressible refinements of change.