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These intermolecular forces, known as van der Waals forces, can negate the tendency of those molecules to evaporate, even at elevated temperatures.
Methane tends to evaporate quickly, so scientists think the lakes must be dominated by methane's sister hydrocarbon ethane, which evaporates more slowly.
Children born to mothers who had used evaporate in pregnancy had an IQ that was seven to 10 points lower than children whose mothers had used one of three other epilepsy drugs, it found.
The thick, waxy skin of the cactus traps moisture inside so that it can't evaporate. The long ears of the desert jackrabbit release body heat to help cool it off.
We decided the wet was mostly the result of rising damp from the ground which could not evaporate because of the covering.
Engaging the hand throttle to step one (lowest speed) ensures that the petrol is pumped at low speed and does not evaporate.
Ionic liquids are said to be attractive as solvents because they are not flammable, do not evaporate, and exhibit high thermal stability.
Our rights as citizens of this free society are about to evaporate.
The evaporator uses a precisely controlled flow of inert gas combined with digital heat control to carefully evaporate samples while avoiding the sample bumping found with some vacuum evaporators.
Their concept is inspired by plants, which use tiny pore openings--stomata--to evaporate water, generating a capillary force for cooling the leaf surface and distributing nutrients.
This is where the two per cent of water that doesn't evaporate ends up.
As the temperature rises, the solvents evaporate, which allows the part 1 and part 2 to react more quickly, further decreasing the benchlife of the sand mix.