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Oh, I know quite well that all the merit of a good deed evaporates at once if it benefits the doer in the slightest degree," said Genestas.
When humidity is high, sweat can't evaporate so well.
With extra moisture in the air, your sweat cannot evaporate as easily, and this is your body's way of regulating its temperature.
However, the fact that the lakes seem remarkably consistent in size and shape over several years of data from Cassini's visual and infrared mapping spectrometer suggests that the lakes evaporate very slowly.
Researchers in the United States carried out follow-up tests among the same group of children whose investigation in 2009 led to warning by the US health watchdog about the potential risks of the drug evaporate in pregnancy.
The two vital features are Omni-Freeze Ice, a sweat-activated cooling mechanism, and Omni-Wick, which helps evaporate sweat quickly.
When you blow on your hand, the air is moving fast enough to make some sweat evaporate.
When temperatures are very hot, rain can evaporate before it reaches Earth.
When dampness rises up through concrete it will quickly become apparent if it can't evaporate.
So, in a car's fuel tank, the petrol does evaporate and escapes from the breather tube that is on the side of the filling inlet.
This causes the water in lakes and rivers to evaporate, or change from liquid to a gaseous water vapor.
Far worse than getting lost in the Whispering Woods, tired, hungry, cold, and scared, is her fear that her father's love for her will evaporate because she disobeyed.