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However, the fact that the lakes seem remarkably consistent in size and shape over several years of data from Cassini's visual and infrared mapping spectrometer suggests that the lakes evaporate very slowly.
They don't get much water and any water they do get quickly evaporates.
Since the cooling takes place as the water evaporates from the sand, the drier the air flow, the more efficient the cooling.
Because the water is warmer along the coast, more of it evaporates.
I think the same thing is likely to happen this time around and when public support evaporates the union will back off.
Requiring no cure time at elevated temperatures, Frekote S-50 is designed for use in mold temperatures from 220[degrees]F to 390[degrees]F, at which molding commences as soon as the water carrier evaporates.
The Environmental Protection Agency is preparing to set limits on the presence of radon in household water to keep people from inhaling the radioactive gas as it evaporates from showers, washing machines, and dishwashers.
Heat also evaporates meat juices, and their residue undergoes color and flavor changes much like meat does.
When a company or industry engages in certain business practices that are viewed by consumers, the media and regulators as unethical, trust evaporates.
The water is poured from the top, it goes through a filter made of some unwanted firewood, therefore the entire process through the water, it automatically evaporates the water, therefore it does not contaminate nor the usage of the firewood," Shanmugam added.
As the water in sweat evaporates, it helps wick heat away from the human body.
For instance, Sussman explains mow heat energy from the sun is converted into the moving energy of the wind, how it evaporates water to power the water cycle, and how it's trapped on Earth by the greenhouse effect.