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The global sputtering targets and evaporation materials recorded revenue of $2,820.
A liquid droplets phase transformation cycle combines condensing, unsteady and equilibrium evaporation modes [tau] [equivalent to] 0 / [[tau].
In the June 16 online issue of Nature Communications, Columbia University scientists report the development of two novel devices that derive power directly from evaporation -- a floating, piston-driven engine that generates electricity causing a light to flash, and a rotary engine that drives a miniature car.
A multiphase porous media model involving heat and mass transfer with strong evaporation has been developed and solved numerically.
The company claims that its product will save the city hundreds of millions of gallons of water by preventing evaporation.
Consider evaporation from an undisturbed water surface, such as that of an unoccupied swimming pool.
Marafiq is one of the leading companies for this type of seawater desalination plants (desalination evaporation effect) after operation of the cogeneration plant in Jubail, which contains 27 units-effect evaporation desalination.
Crop residues reduce the evaporation of water from soil by shading, causing a lower surface soil temperature and reducing wind effects (Klocke et al.
The research, carried out by Carnegie's Global Ecology department, explains that evaporative cooling is the process by which a local area is cooled by the energy used in the evaporation process, energy that would have otherwise heated the area's surface.
If you water in the evening, less of it will be lost to evaporation.
com)-- Modular SFC is introducing a novel, lab scale evaporation device that enables reliable, sample-safe drying of solutions containing radioactive and other toxic compounds at Pittcon 2011 in Atlanta, GA, March 13-18.