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The comparative analysis shows that the COP increases by nearly 8% for the system with evaporative condenser, which is quite appreciable.
Breezair evaporative coolers contain large filter pads, which are kept wet by a water distribution system.
Following extensive testing of alternative sealing materials and other fluoroelastomers, the firm is said to have found that Viton offered superior permeation resistance to meet or exceed all of the current evaporative emission requirements for air induction systems.
"We're hitting high season for evaporative coolers and we're taking on humidifiers.
Evaporative effects were found to be limited primarily to the layer in direct contact with the heated surface.
Portable Evaporative Coolers by Bessam-Aire, Inc., can be used to air - cool permanent molds.
Evaporative cooling is well understood in dry climates.
In the study, eight men performed three different bouts of exercise wearing shorts, t-shirts and socks of evaporative polyester fabrics, cotton fabrics, or semi-nude (wearing just a nylon bathing suit).
The researchers say their data suggest that a flower's temperature depends on both its position and the evaporative cooling of water leaving its tissues.
In the desert southwest, many homes use evaporative coolers (locally known as swamp coolers) instead of standard air conditioners.
Turfgrass ET at both the interspecific and intraspecific level can respond differently as climatic (evaporative) conditions change (Aronson et al., 1987; Sheffer, 1979; Shearman, 1986).
Evaporative flash cooling can bring temperatures down faster, more efficiently than mechanical refrigeration.