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The evaporative media used in Bora units is based on water retaining finned aluminium plates designed for maximum evaporation: the saturation efficiency reaches 90% and more at the air velocities of up to 2m/s.
Among the ways to keep animals cool are portable evaporative coolers - which are more economical than air conditioners and work far more quickly - especially in times when the weather becomes unbearably hot.
It is understood that evaporative dry eye patients have deficiencies in their tear film lipid layer.
Xavier Delaigue, Sales Manager for Seeley International, Europe, Middle East and Africa region, says: "Breezair, our top selling brand of direct evaporative coolers, has soon become the best example of evaporative coolers in the market and it is famous worldwide for unbeatable quality and performance.
Evaporative cooling is said to offer suitable cooling performance without adversely affecting the environment.
The reduction of the surface temperature of the color cosmetics is achieved by a controlled release of at least one entrained solvent by the encapsulated or suspended evaporative cooling agent, according to the patent literature.
It also has the largest share of evaporative cooling, representing 26% of the total market.
Now, newer designs called "indirect evaporative coolers" are on the market.
An increase in evaporative drying means that even regions expected to get more rain, including important wheat, corn and rice belts in the western United States and southeastern China, will be at risk of drought.
It begins by developing a model for a single-stage ammonia refrigeration system, including models for the evaporative condenser and heat reclaim.
If it is too high, the evaporative cooling effectiveness of the body is reduced and in high temperatures it could cause heat exhaustion.