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The research on evaporatively cooled condensers employing pads or spray mist is not limited to experimentation.
87]Rb bosonic ions confined by magnetic fields and evaporatively cooled [4].
At Pyramid Salt, the first pond in the series of 13 that are needed to evaporatively extract salt from groundwater is partly filled with a concentrated brine solution.
6,489,892 -- 'Use of evaporatively activated color change for verifying the integrity of an object, such as a data storage medium or a gaming token,' US Pat No.
Bearing the latter in mind, all samples were evaporatively aged for 1 month to ensure there was no remaining free formaldehyde, which would have prevented fungal growth.
heated or evaporatively cooled) makeup air units that direct air to 98 individual adjustable air drops over the workstations.
So a trade off exists between fan power consumption, deluge flow rate, and HX capacity, which is typical for hybrid evaporatively cooled HXs.
With this amount of sock guard length, the wet cotton sock is able to evaporatively cool the temperature probe completely to the wet-bulb temperature, therefore ensuring that all axial conduction to the sensor is eliminated.
Ninety-five percent efficient hot water heaters and an evaporatively cooled chiller plant are also used in the system.