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Additionally, operational cost differences between evaporatively cooled and sensibly cooled systems are strongly influenced by the cost of energy, which can change significantly between peak and off-peak hours, and the cost of water.
The research on evaporatively cooled condensers employing pads or spray mist is not limited to experimentation.
87]Rb bosonic ions confined by magnetic fields and evaporatively cooled [4].
Although evaporative cooling is not an option for small insects, some large- and medium-sized grasshoppers, with greater water reserves, apparently can evaporatively cool (Prange 1996, Roxburgh et al.
evaporatively cool by transpiring water through stomata on their surface (Patino et al.
This indicates that those orbiting very close to more luminous stars might be evaporatively destroyed, or that Jovian planets around stars of lower mass migrate to smaller radii.
Showing LPCA-02 portable chiller, ECS2-250 evaporatively cooled central chiller (250 tons), and mold-temperature controllers.
Hot air is evaporatively cooled in tall towers of falling water; windows are shaded from the sun by photovoltaic wafers embedded in glass and by vines trained on eave extensions.
Following this, they were evaporatively coated with 20 nm of C, using an EmScope SC500 coating unit.
Officials also point to several key design highlights, such as a specially designed "windcatcher," which captures breezes from above the roofline, evaporatively cools the air with a fine spray of water, and directs the downdraft of cool air into the lobby.
At Pyramid Salt, the first pond in the series of 13 that are needed to evaporatively extract salt from groundwater is partly filled with a concentrated brine solution.