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It was a prolonged case of bad driving, involving police and evasive action by other road users.
Based on the core competencies of WABCO and ZF systems, Evasive Maneuver Assist controls both the longitudinal and lateral movements of heavy-duty trucks and trailers in challenging driving situations at high-speed, thereby, helping to avoid rear-end collisions.
The witness is evasive in his replies and is trying to twist the facts.
New Delhi: Railway Minister PK Bansal was on Saturday evasive to a question whether he has offered to quit in the wake of the arrest of his nephew on a charge of accepting bribe for allegedly fixing appointments in the Railway Board.
a new provider of active malware defense solutions for businesses, has released a new report, "The Security Threat of Evasive Malware," that looks at how malware authors are able to exploit the limited visibility of automated malware analysis systems (sandboxes) and ensure that targeted attacks and zero day exploits remain successful.
As someone who has presented cases before a grand jury, I know from experience that it isn't unusual for witnesses to be unresponsive and evasive.
Pc Harwood replied: "I am not being evasive, I am not lying.
Evasive is out of the Storm Cat mare Canda from a top Niarchos family.
Mariner said: "I don't want to be evasive but I can't really tell you about Cillian's future.
EVASIVE has been mixing it with the very best colts around and could prove a cut above the opposition in the CGA Hungerford Stakes at Newbury.
But Sheikh Mohammed's 'boys in blue' can have the last laugh at Newbury next Saturday with Evasive.
Following his early warning the cruise ship took evasive action and the attempted hijack failed leaving the 1,000 passengers and 500 crew members aboard unhurt.