evasive action

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"The defendant went through a red light at 60mph and other vehicles had to take evasive action."
"She is unable to take evasive action because there's a car in the next lane as well and she did not observe the defendant take any evasive action either.
Sydney: Australian authorities were on Saturday investigating how two Qantas passenger planes got so close that it triggered a collision warning alert, forcing them to take evasive action. The incident happened over southern Australia on Friday and involved two Airbus A330s travelling in opposite directions between Sydney and Perth.
A police spokesman said: "A police motorcyclist had to take evasive action to avoid colliding with a light coloured medium sized car that crossed the central reservation from the westbound carriageway, turning right into the eastbound carriageway."
Initially,y the jets were flying at different heights but as it became clear that there was "traffic" in the skies, the trainee pilots took evasive action.
The nine women and three men at Warwickshire Justice Centre concluded that the tragedy occurred because the pilots of a Cessna and a Rand did not see each other or were unable to take evasive action in time.
The pilots took evasive action and narrowly missed being hit, returning the plane safely to base in Turkey after a stopover in Benghazi to check for damage.
The 26-year-old had to do a 180-degree turn to get back on track, but it forced di Resta to take evasive action.
A TORNADO aircraft was forced take evasive action over Gwynedd after a civilian aircraft appeared close to its flight path.
And spectators at Kolkata's Eden Gardens haven't had to take evasive action too frequently during this year's IPL.
A MIDLAND teenager beamed a laser light at a police helicopter forcing the pilot to take "evasive action"
To begin with, from the positions of the two vessels, the Aegis destroyer had the primary responsibility to take evasive action to avoid a collision.