evasive action

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It was a prolonged case of bad driving, involving police and evasive action by other road users.
The investigators said less aggressive evasive action at the start would have allowed the collision warning system to continue working properly.
Fishing boats that can change direction quickly will take evasive action.
A Lancashire Police spokesman said the pilot was forced to take evasive action.
The March 21 report says that while the Atago had a duty to take evasive action, the possibility exists that its effort was insufficient.
The police crew were driving under blue lights and siren when the woman driver in the other car took evasive action but struck the 15-year-old on a pedestrian crossing.
Only recently I had to take evasive action to avoid a bus on Newport Road which did indicate but then just pulled out forcing me into the middle lane.
The victim may try to seek cover or take other evasive action.
Watch a 12-year-old take evasive action and score multiple hits while playing Space Invaders," Ronald Reagan told a crowd gathered at Epcot Center in 1983, "and you will appreciate the skills of tomorrow's pilot.
Prosecutors said that at least 10 motorists saw Walker driving the wrong way before the collision and had to take evasive action to avoid hitting him.
Imagine if you could avoid an accident by receiving data while driving that the road has been made slick due to rain (rain sensors and traction control sensors on a vehicle-to-infrastructure communication) and in your car an emergency brake warning is sent from a vehicle 10 cars ahead alerting you that defensive or evasive action must be taken.
I took evasive action, but in the process the open canopy allowed a blast of cold air into my face.