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Equally evasively, Horner added: "Anything beyond 2018 is speculation."
In the order, it said they were held in contempt for 'testifying falsely and evasively before the Committee on August 9, 2017 and thereby delaying, impeding and obstructing the inquiry into the P6.4 billion worth of shabu shipment from China.'
Qatar could have decided to negotiate, but instead chose to debate the principle and acted evasively. The minister should have known of the futility of the exercise.
However, when asked directly about his red line statement, Obama responded evasively, citing the 1992 Chemical Weapons Convention, and adding, "I didn't set a red line; the world set a red line." After implying that force might be used, administration spokesmen then downplayed the scale of any such a measure.
In the engagement model, the target can maneuver evasively with acceleration magnitude [n.sub.T].
A case sufficiently exposed, squarely tabled but evasively torpedoed with ulterior motives
Asked if he had been approached about the job himself, Rodgers evasively added: "I think the England job is a wonderful job.
More observations are needed, but it could be that only jays with these characteristics are able to catch evasively flying bats.
Meanwhile, RRT might be particularly valuable in traditional Chinese settings where MSM are trying to avoid the stigma incurred and, therefore, incline to respond evasively to conventional direct questionnaires or interviews.
Evasively snooping can only produce so many leads; the people are what matter most.
In typical fashion he concludes the conversation evasively by thinking that "he didn't in the least understand his older daughter" (51).
(And if it's an obvious trick question designed to plunge the politician concerned into a pit full of sharpened stakes, then say so, rather than waffling on evasively.) Otherwise the big winners on May 8 may turn out to be the same as in 2010; the "no comment" party of those who took the trouble to get themselves onto the electoral register but could not find any reason at all to vote.