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The sexual ambiguity and its menacing undertones are not enough to satisfy, and the meager laughs emanate from paranoid reactions to phone calls, the expressive bewilderment of Stanton's panicky husband and Opel's evasively obsessed housewife.
Ludicrously titled Perilous Statecraft and evasively subtitled An Insiders Account of the Iran-Contra Affair, with volumed combines Ledeen's two most salient features: a whining, turgid prose style and a chronic inability to tell the truth.
Sir - Was lolo Williams strutting evasively his stuff (The Western Mail, April 10) while launching another series of Crwydro?
When put on the spot and asked if he was in love, the 32-year-old Prince answered evasively, "Whatever that means".
There are a lot of things I worry about - like the state of Brighton and Hove Albion FC and Match Of The Day being on too late," he says, evasively.
Equally evasively, Horner added: "Anything beyond 2018 is speculation.
In the order, it said they were held in contempt for 'testifying falsely and evasively before the Committee on August 9, 2017 and thereby delaying, impeding and obstructing the inquiry into the P6.