even more

See: a fortiori
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However ridiculous it may seem to you that I was expecting to win at roulette, I look upon the generally accepted opinion concerning the folly and the grossness of hoping to win at gambling as a thing even more absurd.
He found that the snakes were even more easily attacked than on the previous day; no less than six were killed in the first half-hour.
With a quantity or pitch even more of genius or unusualness in him than in Jerry, Michael learned more quickly, and since the way of his education was singing, he came to sing far beyond the best Villa Kennan ever taught Jerry.
It seemed that early in the morning their chief had attempted to prevail upon the whites to return with him to the village and with their guns destroy the ferocious pack that had taken possession of it, but Rokoff appeared to entertain even more fears of the giant white man and his strange companions than even the blacks themselves.
Take the case of a fearful soldier, who nevertheless fights and achieves victory, More argues, "he ought to receive even more praise" because "he had to overcome not only the enemy but also his own fear, which is often harder to conquer than the enemy himself" (85/5-7, my emphasis).
Also disappointingly still breathing is Jai and in the last few episodes his life has become even more ridiculously convoluted as Megan's plans for revenge were unexpectedly derailed.
And second, it will connect More's personal crisis to broader questions about what is allowed to pass for conscience--and even more broadly, for sanctity--in our current academic institutions.
However, More's similar perspective on Elizabeth's awareness of Richard ascribes to her an even more compelling historical forethought similar to the author's point of view.
As it seeks to become an economic powerhouse and its wonderful rainforests are threatened even more, what is the future for its indigenous people at the expense of developers?
Newtonmore were in even more disarray in 22 minutes when they fell behind.
The high volume of Maman's emotional politics," she writes, "made me feel even more estranged from my friends at school, at an age when nothing is more painful.
40) offers the best prize-money on a low-key Tuesday and, while he couldn't be described as a good thing, Even More has a fair bit going for him in a race in which it is hard to work up much enthusiasm for any of his rivals.