even tenor

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Here was an undignified hiatus, if not a finale, to all his schemes, to the even tenor of his self-restrained, purposeful life
They saw me; and Arthur already was running to meet me; but I immediately turned back and walked steadily homeward; for I had fully determined never to encounter his mother again; and regardless of the shrill voice in my ear, calling upon me to 'wait a moment,' I pursued the even tenor of my way; and he soon relinquished the pursuit as hopeless, or was called away by his mother.
Lilla, of course, felt lonely in the absence of her cousin, but the even tenor of life went on for her as for others.
This purely fictitious state of the market was bound shortly to pass, and Ward Valley was not to be induced to change the even tenor of its way by any insane stock exchange flurry.
I read it in your eye; it is not of that description which promises the maintenance of an even tenor in life.
Hawkins as anything but a necessary evil; but life resumed its even tenor on the King farm, broken only by the ripples of excitement over the school concert and letters from Aunt Olivia describing her trip through the land of Evangeline.
Rouletabille went on the even tenor of his way without suspecting the astonishment and even bewilderment he roused in others.
They will be bound to make some arrests, he thought, with something resembling virtuous indignation, for the even tenor of his revolutionary life was menaced by no fault of his.
Unless you live in South Korea, or Israel, or lower Manhattan, none of these 'threats' will ever disturb the even tenor of your life - and even if you do live in one of those places, it is still very unlikely.
The next general elections are now too distant to disturb the even tenor of the recently-rewarded.
Even tenor saxophonist and composer Ellery Eskelin admits that he has no idea what the idea of an improvisational jazz sax-piano duo might conjure up in people's minds.
There was peace, and the society and the people had an even tenor to their own ways.