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Such findings have been relatively consistent for many decades, because Americans as a rule want their country to be even-handed in foreign disputes and conflicts, and feel that all people should enjoy the same rights.
On the whole, Mallgrave is remarkably even-handed, though he gets a bit tetchy with people like Soane, whose 'private feelings are ambivalent and difficult to define'.
This even-handed approach allows the reader to see the perspectives and biases from the various groups and theories discussed and to place them within both social and historical contexts in both science and faith.
Instead, he insisted, they merely supported even-handed treatment among religious denominations.
Omen was speechless; his choices here are remarkably even-handed, an everyday camouflage concealing wondrous absurdities that summoned his familiars, including: a fascinating theme of puppetry in which the propetier examined a fair sight far more imaginable than most material eloquently dropped by the ever-so-popular temperariousness of the awkwardly committed.
The warnings in his Red Sky at Morning (Yale University Press, $24) are not novel, but his book provides an even-handed history and analysis of the movement.
Her generous attempt at an even-handed, sympathetic account portrays the math wars as an unnecessary fight that can be ended by a return to civility, as if misunderstanding among decent and disinterested parties were the problem.
It should also show that the employee had a fair chance to correct the problems and that any discipline is meted out in an even-handed way among all employees for similar level offenses.
Given Thurmond's record at the time, Lott's praise for Thurmond's 1948 presidential candidacy could be construed as an endorsement of federalism coupled with even-handed application of the law and encouragement of educational opportunities for blacks.
These carefully empirical observations, published in French to reach a broader audience than mere academics, concerned not only the regional flora and fauna but human customs, all recounted with an even-handed interest in local practices and a particular concern for the presence or absence of learning.
Sharon was quick to show his appreciation for what he called Germany's even-handed position on the Middle East.
WRITING IN AN EVEN-HANDED MANNER about the treatment of non-Muslim religious minorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran and the ways they cope with government policies must surely be one of the most delicate scholarly tasks endeavored.