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The originality of this approach and of much of the material presented here is nearly obscured by the modest and even-handed tone.
It is the county's intent and understanding that the series will, in an even-handed manner, show the public the functions of the Department of Coroner relating to the topic,'' according to the agreement.
Here is a system that provides security in an even-handed way, whether you're new in the neighborhood, live alone or with your extended family.
But there's a shrewd dealer, an even-handed executive, beneath the youthful surface.
He recommends that companies lobby judges exactly as they do legislators: invite them to pseudo-academic conferences which appear even-handed but inevitably lead to the conclusions the corporate sponsors desire.
The steady and even-handed management applied by the Company will serve us well in other similar acquisitions currently under investigation.
Employing the input of but two other historians besides Wilik - Gary Gallagher and Donald Miller - the documentary explains just how perilously close America was to collapsing and how the even-handed behavior of key players and the entire citizenry kept the nation united.
How can the man have said the book would be even-handed and would be a useful historical record?
Readers of Hearst Newspapers will enjoy her columns because she will draw on her rich experience as a tenacious reporter and even-handed analyst," said Irish.
We are very grateful for the Judge Balick's fair, even-handed approach to these cases.
An RTE spokeswoman said: "Coming up to election time, we have to be even-handed in our approach to all candidates.