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t], matches the even-numbered moments of a statistical distribution.
Will estate agents exploit this unique sales point (USP) and give more advertising to even-numbered properties?
Richard Devlin, D-Tualatin, has floated the idea of adding 15 days to the legislative calendar in even-numbered years, and shortening the odd-year sessions by an equal amount.
uk, odd-numbered properties are worth an average of pounds 538 more than their even-numbered neighbours
IF YOU own an odd-numbered property, you're over pounds 500 better off on average than your even-numbered neighbours, according to research from property website Zoopla.
The research also shows if you own an odd-numbered property, you're more than pounds 500 better off on average than your even-numbered neighbours, with analysis of average property values across the UK showing homes with odd numbers are worth an average of pounds 538 more than even numbers.
Elections in Kentucky took place in odd-numbered years until 1984, when the state moved the legislative elections to even-numbered years but kept the governor and other statewide elections in odd years.
Board policy provides that in the fall of every even-numbered year, the Chancellor's Office shall compile a System report on faculty workloads at the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) institutions.
Swain has also issued handicap betting at 4-1 the field with Tudor Prince asked to notionally conceded up to three and a half lengths, while it is 1-2 an even-numbered trap winning against 6-4 an odd, and 5-6 take your pick Ballymac Denis and Borna Coin.
When the 87th General Assembly convenes Monday for Arkansas' initial fiscal session, state representatives and senators will be taking part in something many of them never thought they'd see--a session in an even-numbered year.
The first clinic on Wednesday next week is for people living in even-numbered houses in Huyton House Road and Page Moss Avenue.
The rules, in effect until September 20, ban cars with odd- and even-numbered licence plates from the roads on alternate days.