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If the Legislature finds itself with too much work and not enough time in even-numbered years, Oregonians need to begin thinking about ways to either limit the former or provide more of the latter.
uk, odd-numbered properties are worth an average of pounds 538 more than their even-numbered neighbours
Each fiscal session will begin the second Monday in February of even-numbered years.
The rules, in effect until September 20, ban cars with odd- and even-numbered licence plates from the roads on alternate days.
Drivers of cars with license plates ending in even numbers could buy gas only on even-numbered days of the month; those with odd-numbered plates could buy on odd-numbered days.
Step-by-step explanations are offered for the odd numbered homework problems from the actual textbooks, so students can be challenged and assessed by their teachers using the even-numbered problems in the textbooks.
Player Two takes the four even-numbered counters: 2, 4, 6, and 8.
The biennial event, held in even-numbered years since 1920, will feature exhibits showcasing supply component materials, services and machinery dedicated solely to the mattress manufacturing industry, educational sessions on important industry topics such as global markets and branding and an ISPA/SPSC Flammability SHOPtalk held in conjunction with the event.
Even-numbered techniques were head up or nose-to-nose on an offensive lineman, while odd-numbers indicated shaded or eye-to-eye techniques.
The big international AIDS conference that happens every even-numbered year will take place August 1318 in Toronto, Canada.
Peeps" is short for parasite positive, the "preferred" term for modern vampires because, yes, vampirism is the result of parasitic infection, with which the world abounds (as Westerfeld happily details in quirky but factual even-numbered chapters).