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Moss starts explaining that pharmaceutical industry research is heavily financed, while alternative treatments do not receive enough funds for research (read below), thus research is not even-sided and less toxic cures are not scientifically confirmed.
Munyevu and Mamba are an engaging, even-sided double act in this two-hander, both giving impressive performances, as the practical, clear-thinking Mr Buntu and the naive but gentle and honest Banzi respectively.
And when Wenger removed him from the final quarter of an even-sided contest with a lopsided scoreline, the crowd knew it, its rapturous applause showed it.
Clearly, it is in everyone's interests to look at how upland farmers can help store water but rather than wage war via the media, it is far more productive to have an open and even-sided discussion on the topic between those interested in the countryside and those with an interest in the countryside.
n]: Even-sided half-turn ASM (Okada [11], Tabony [15]) and Type [B'.
There are also possible even-sided distributions provided on the arbitrary number of two-sided dimensions.
Elsewhere, Tripoli beat city rivals Al Egtmey 2-1 in an even-sided Tripoli derby.
Acklam Under 15s 19 points v Middlesbrough 31 points THIS was a very even-sided game, very competitive but played in the true spirit of the game.
This transforms the sales dynamic into much more of an even-sided partnership (see figure below).
Division Three sides West Midland Travel and Northfield Park lined up to provide what looked to be a very even-sided contest.
The architectural marvel, 405 feet over the top of the harbor, is the world's tallest, even-sided, pentagon-shaped building.
While he was judged the clear winner of an earlier TV clash this encounter was more even-sided allowing both camps to claim a win.