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He was the most even-tempered man I have ever known.
Dave Buznick is an even-tempered businessman who, after a series of strange misunderstandings, finds himself accused of anger management issues.
Just about in the game despite another oddly erratic performance on the first day's play, Kirsten, at least if some of the visiting South African television commentators' dressing room eavesdropping is to be believed, had apparently put aside his normally calm, even-tempered characteristics to deliver a fair old scolding," he added.
Sterner's encouragement, based on a career as a pianist and piano technician with avid interests in archery, golf, and aviation, is to find things that help us do well and practice them--staying in the moment, creating and practicing good habits, and being patient, disciplined, and even-tempered in our work.
People want a president who is calm, dignified, even-tempered - in a word, presidential.
If Fergie can be as tetchy as an old man with gout, Rodgers is as goodnatured and even-tempered as any Premier League manager you'll meet.
Dealing with the Federal Housing Administration, title companies, mortgage brokers, banks and the like for a process that spread out over a number of months was a bit unnerving at times, yet I was blessed with a real estate agent who was perpetually optimistic, and his calm, even-tempered, glass-half-full disposition was key to closing the deal.
He says that Lincoln Kirstein's infatuation with dancer Lew Christensen was a motivating force for starting a company, that Balanchine was not as even-tempered as he appeared to be and played out little revenge scenarios, and that administrator Betty Cage kept Balanchine and Kirstein in balance.
90 seemed a bit too big for a match between one very well-behaved team, one normally-behaved team and an even-tempered referee.
Q I'm usually very even-tempered, but I often get depressed during special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.
But the winning pooch will be well-trained and has to be even-tempered because it will be working with children, he said.
Chavez named the even-tempered and soft-spoken Carrizalez to the number two job in 2008, and in 2009 tapped him to simultaneously serve as defense minister.