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This, in David Levin's opinion, is an indication that NCR "does not include any attempt at an open-minded or evenhanded approach.
I am sure you appreciate that I cannot speak for my colleague, the Minister of National Revenue, whose responsibility for tax administration is also involved here, but for my own part I would consider any change that could make the rules governing tax payments and interest simpler, more flexible and more evenhanded worth pursuing.
The Court suggested three nondiscriminatory alternatives for limiting the disposal of hazardous wastes:(1) a per-ton additional fee on all hazardous waste disposed in the state; (2) a per-mile tax on all vehicles transporting hazardous waste within the state; or (3) an evenhanded cap on the total tonnage disposed in the state.
Trapani maintains an evenhanded tone, and yet is not afraid to speak negative truths.
But boards need to recognize that a uniform and evenhanded approach to this issue is more important than who administers the program.
It's a highly charged story but we have to be as evenhanded as we can and stick to the facts.
Combat Reporter offers an evenhanded, front-lines view of the European Theater and an unforgettable self-portrait of a one-of-a-kind reporter.
An evenhanded, straightforward evaluation, to be commended especially for its close scrutiny of the cultural differences that at first glance make Islamic and Muslim practices alien to Westerners, and Western culture confusing to or misinterpreted by Muslims.
Those of us who don't buy into the idea of open relationships would do well to approach the matter in such an evenhanded manner.
All this is under the evenhanded editorial control of Childs, who, subsequent to the commissioning of this book, has been chosen to head up the ELCA task force on sexuality that readies the ELCA for a churchwide vote on the subject in 2005.