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He very evenhandedly deals with his conflicting feelings concerning his charge as an officer and his personal regard for the mission.
Evenhandedly examining the lives of both men and women, Jewish High Society In Old Regime Berlin is smoothly written and highly readable to historians and lay people alike.
Judicial hellholes are courtrooms throughout the United States where the law is not applied evenhandedly to all litigants," says Victor Schwartz, ATRA's general counsel.
Neutralist approaches require government to treat religious and secular organizations evenhandedly.
There is still disagreement on whether James should be placed with the "healthy-minded" or the "sick souls," so evenhandedly and sympathetically did he write of both, and so conscientiously did he attempt to pull himself up by his emotional bootstraps when beset by despair.
Whether real or virtual, they are all good kissers in their own way," she remarks evenhandedly.
The law must be applied evenhandedly, and taxpayers must believe that no one is getting a better "deal" upon audit.
Clearly Miss Hutt is still wearing her erstwhile Women's Aid hat, which clearly she needs to abandon if she is ever to deal evenhandedly with the subject of domestic violence.
He evenhandedly details the complexity of their encounter with Gentile missions, Jewish believers, Jewish Messianic congregations, and antimissionary activities.
The author appreciates the importance of history and culture in shaping politics and evenhandedly presents both the pluses and the minuses of the New Order regime.
On most issues, Gillett canvases and evenhandedly explains various opinions on a topic before presenting his own.
Temkin has had to rely on high points, yet one of the great satisfactions of Tanning's career, beyond individual triumphs, is the evidence of endless reconnaissance, the search for a replenishing plastic vocabulary of ecstasy and dismay: The figuration seethes into orgy or apocalypse, the action is evenhandedly of the alcove and the abattoir, and remarkably enough, such energies pursue the artist to the end with Heartless, 1980, about which Tanning confesses that "the need to say blue and orange that would turn them into conversations about light and memory .