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The law must be applied evenhandedly, and taxpayers must believe that no one is getting a better "deal" upon audit.
I have, however, always tried to treat people as evenhandedly as possible - although there will be some people who don't think I have done.
Clearly Miss Hutt is still wearing her erstwhile Women's Aid hat, which clearly she needs to abandon if she is ever to deal evenhandedly with the subject of domestic violence.
He evenhandedly details the complexity of their encounter with Gentile missions, Jewish believers, Jewish Messianic congregations, and antimissionary activities.
On most issues, Gillett canvases and evenhandedly explains various opinions on a topic before presenting his own.
Temkin has had to rely on high points, yet one of the great satisfactions of Tanning's career, beyond individual triumphs, is the evidence of endless reconnaissance, the search for a replenishing plastic vocabulary of ecstasy and dismay: The figuration seethes into orgy or apocalypse, the action is evenhandedly of the alcove and the abattoir, and remarkably enough, such energies pursue the artist to the end with Heartless, 1980, about which Tanning confesses that "the need to say blue and orange that would turn them into conversations about light and memory .
In addition to a greater defense of human rights and the promotion of representative democracy, they will pay particular attention to the possibilities of completing a free trade agreement for all the Americas by 2005 and the recently established "multilateral evaluation mechanism," the MEM, which was created to measure more evenhandedly the efforts of the OAS nations to combat the use and trade of illicit drugs in the Hemisphere.
Instead, those standards should portray the results of those combinations fairly and evenhandedly.
The Bible teaches us that justice is not about domination but about treating one's neighbors evenhandedly and honestly and allowing them to maintain their integrity.
And though they aim to discuss their evidence evenhandedly, the authors make no bones about their distaste for much of the language they describe.
On the positive side, the essays by separate hands refer widely to and discuss evenhandedly many relevant scholarly studies.
The death penalty is hardly applied evenhandedly across the country.