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Senate President Taher Al-Masri reiterated that the late Saket firmly pushed the judiciary toward independence and evenhandedness.
His evenhandedness in this area has helped make the state a leader in rooting out fraud, protecting investors and returning large sums to citizens and businesses.
I am delighted that in reaching this goal we have secured our future as a self-regulated sport and in doing so demonstrated to Ukas the quality and evenhandedness of our licensing and regulation of racecourses.
Evenhandedness usually is considered to be a positive attribute in diplomacy, but when it comes to the Middle East, many Israelis and their supporters see it as code for a pro-Arab policy.
The appointment of George Mitchell as his envoy for the Palestinian-Israeli "peace process" offers some encouragement, however, provided that the widely respected former senator lives up to his reputation for evenhandedness and probity.
Canada's famed evenhandedness seems to have vanished.
WITH commendable evenhandedness, the Government decreed in the Budget earlier this year that 30 per cent of public contracts for the 2012 London Olympics should be awarded to small businesses.
Evenhandedness dictates we provide public recognition to minority cultures.
The SP is a cornerstone of the betting industry and its integrity and evenhandedness must be preserved at all costs - otherwise racing will pay a very high price for returning an unfair price.
In the Toronto Star the other day, Linda McQuaig wrote that Stephen Harper is "abandoning our traditional attempt at evenhandedness in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
It is the mainstream media that have little to do with open-mindedness and evenhandedness, not NCR.
Your March 28 cover story, "Mixed Income Reported by Bath Junkie Franchisees," lacks only two things, evenhandedness and objectivity.