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Your March 28 cover story, "Mixed Income Reported by Bath Junkie Franchisees," lacks only two things, evenhandedness and objectivity.
In seeking to ensure evenhandedness, meanwhile, there is also the option of administering the proceedings jointly with the United Nations, and adding neutral non-Iraqi judges to the bench.
All this from a man who admires Du Bois's evenhandedness.
Former BBC chairman Sir Christopher Bland questioned the evenhandedness of the report which exonerated the government but ``tarred and feathered the BBC''.
Watt's ethnographic approach helps him to explore controversial questions with great clarity and evenhandedness.
Another question is about the evenhandedness of IRS's use of the database as a compliance tool.
With admirable theoretical evenhandedness, she begins by contextualizing the Anglo-Irish confrontation in the broader history of sixteenth-century colonial encounters, recruiting the extensive primary and secondary literature on Spanish conquest in the New World.
Shouldn't there be some evenhandedness, with bad buildings by good architects also receiving a public airing?
The Road Haulage Association may have something when they point to the pounds 5 charge for all vehicles in the London Congestion charge scheme and wonder why that evenhandedness has not been replicated on the country's first toll motorway.
The invasion has shouldered aside traditional journalistic touchstones such as objectivity, evenhandedness, and honesty.
Carens, Culture, Citizenship, and Community: A Contextual Exploration of Justice and Evenhandedness.