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It seemed as if from some words Boris had spoken that evening about the Prussian army, Helene had suddenly found it necessary to see him.
Cornelius was now alone once more; it was seven o'clock in the evening, and the anxiety of yesterday returned with increased intensity.
The evening closing in, his despair changed into melancholy, which was the more gloomy as, involuntarily, Van Baerle mixed up with it the thought of his poor tulip.
In the evening, Gryphus took away the breakfast and dinner of Cornelius, who had scarcely touched them.
For this evening he was an exhibit as well as a gazer.
Chandler protracted his walk until the Forties began to intersect the great and glittering primrose way, for the evening was yet young, and when one is of the
In his chilly bedroom Chandler laid away his evening clothes for a sixty-nine days' rest.
But he could not think for long together of anything that evening, and he could not have analysed anything consciously; he was simply feeling.
So Gilbert was not going to spend this last evening with Ruby Gillis after all!
Anne, remembering the unpleasantness of the preceding evening, was very nice to Gilbert; and Gilbert, who was learning wisdom, took care to be nothing save the schoolboy comrade again.
She was delighted to see her father look comfortable, and very much pleased with herself for contriving things so well; but the quiet prosings of three such women made her feel that every evening so spent was indeed one of the long evenings she had fearfully anticipated.
A very gracious invitation was returned, and the evening no longer dreaded by the fair mistress of the mansion.