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Then scatter the crumble topping evenly over the top.
The mist particles sprayed on evenly but it took a while to dry, so I dabbed it in.
He said other offices like the speaker of the county assembly and the county secretary should also be shared evenly.
Bake for one hour, regularly spooning over the juices so the pieces are evenly candied.
Because a triangle's sides evenly distribute force on it, a group of connected triangles arranged in a dome shape can distribute force evenly throughout.
Chow replied that the portfolios were distributed evenly and told Norlela off for pushing her own agenda.
Here, food is turned over so that both sides may be browned evenly. Omelettes, fish can be shallow fried.
3 Evenly scatter the desiccated coconut and chocolate chips over the base, then pour the condensed milk evenly over the coconut and chocolate, and finally sprinkle with the chopped walnuts.
Add a measure of washing powder or liquid to the Magic dispenser of the Activ Dual Wash to create a powerful water vortex that disperses the detergent evenly. Samsung's Wobble technology provides gentle fabric care without compromising on the washing performance and a Magic Filter that effectively gathers lint, fluff and particles that come out of your clothes.
The surgical instrument's wiper jaw design distributes pressure evenly along the jaw length for consistent sealing.
The opening half was evenly contested, but Middlesbrough went into the break a goal to the good following a strike from Steven Walker midway through the first half.
Each country is nearly evenly balanced, and winning depends not just on strategic troop movements but on negotiating--and breaking--deals with other players, privately and publicly.