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it is possible that the lack of difference in diversity and evenness between colonies and non-colonies in 2002 was due to having data only from 16 pairs of sites, rather than the larger sample of 28 pairs used in 2003.
Abundance, richness, diversity, and evenness for amphibians and reptiles captured on ATV trails, non-ATV trails, and forest control plots at the Old Sabine Bottom Wildlife Management Area, Smith County, Texas.
When all sites located in riparian areas, irrespective of stream order, were compared to all uplands, there were no differences in richness, diversity, evenness, or total relative abundance of salamanders (Table I).
And for evenness of heating, the Sharp beats its rivals.
The formation of bubbles translates into loss of control of the web by generating creases and a drop in evenness, thus affecting the uniformity of the bat generated in crosslapping.
Careful pedaling and overall evenness of touch would be crucial to successfully performing this charming piece.
Diversity values were determined for each bank and sampling season using the Shannon Index (H', natural log) (Shannon 1948), Richness, Evenness (J') (Pielou 1966) and Simpson's Index of Dominance (Simpson 1948).
Comparisons were made for three parameters: diversity, richness, and evenness in relation to sites and tree species (SAS Institute, 1989).
A much-scaled down CBSO contributed luminosity as rich as autumn sunlight, and Collins himself shaped and coloured his phrasing with constant life, finger and tongue co-ordination, making Mozart's figuration infectiously bubbling, and a smoothness of line and evenness of tone singing these desperate utterances directly to the soul.
I'm very pleased with the evenness of the growth,'' said Caroline Brumm, district coordinator for student and program assessment and evaluation for the Burbank school district.
Although Kelly's line here is sensitive, never at all mechanical, it is also clear that he strives to maintain a certain forceful evenness of touch.