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Abundance-based diversity and evenness in an old-field succession study in Ohio displayed this same trend (Tramer, 1975).
eu and find out more details about the "EASY" Evenness Tester and the complete range of Tomsic products.
The knitted fabrics made of rotor yarn have a far better evenness than those made of ring yarn.
No limitations on production capacity, flexibility, low production costs, evenness and quality of the final product (far better than traditional airlaid systems) are some of the most important advantages being achieved by the Lap Formair machine.
Family richness, diversity, abundance and evenness of soil inhabiting Mesostigmata mites in cultivated and undisturbed soil were estimated from five different localities of Punjab, Pakistan in 2014.
The Vector Multi-Cook Oven offers up to four ovens in one and features a proprietary technology called - 'Structured Air Technology' that allows evenness and flexibility in cooking.
And carelessness in any area affects pricing, both in the form of volatility and evenness.
Although the score could just as easily have been the other way around such was the evenness of the contest.
The all new Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate offers accelerated cell turnover, refined texture, improved skin tone evenness, and softer, more radiant skin.
Drivers of liking for appearance of the product included color intensity, external evenness, ripeness, juiciness and overall aroma.
Data were analyzed using Shannon-Weiner Index, Evenness Index and Margalef Index.
You'll never get an evenness of players at this time of the year, because players are going up and down in terms of where they're at.