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Even given the narrow Aristotelian concern with the represented action, the (hi)story would alone project, or translate, that dialectics into the drama eventfully unrolling among the agents.
Quaker-educated and a conscientious objector in the Great War; student at the London School of Economics and an editor at Ford Madox Ford's Transatlantic Review (where he succeeded a young gun named Hemingway); a self-taught translator from the classical Persian, which led to an eventfully checkered diplomatic posting and a tenure as Persian correspondent for the London Times; an inveterate peripatetic who lived in Paris, Italy, the U.
With a full range of activities available--bicycling, horseback riding, salmon and trout fishing, and even clay pigeon or pheasant shooting, in addition to the golf and tennis--our days could have been spent eventfully at the K Club.
Jenkins's special achievement was to write pieces with the eventfully varied texture of madrigals, but with a thematic economy made possible by mastery of all the contrapuntal tricks of the trade; as a result, a lot seems to happen in the course of a fantasy, but (as others have observed) all the players feel as if they have the tune all of the time.
It's an eventfully feisty role for any upcoming actress to show off her thespic chops, and Steinfeld takes full advantage of the opportunity to hit an acting home run.
The two leaders eventfully talked ahead of the expiry of the deadline hours after Hasina's abortive attempt to reach her archrival by red phone while the opposition leaders said the special phone was out of order.
Al-karaki et al, 1997 said, Because of external mycelia scattering of micorrhiza fungi in soil that eventfully enhances absorption level, mycelia are able to absorb phosphorus and nitrogen from inaccessible areas of the plant roots and transfer it to the plant roots, since, among all different ways of nutrients absorption, phosphore, nitrogen, .
It took years, but eventfully London listened and most of us got our wish.
As for Henson, his comeback could hardly have started more eventfully as he bombed a try with his first touch of a ball, before redeeming himself with a try-saving tackle and a then scoring pass to co-centre Sonny Parker.
Former model Allison Beda spent eight years assembling footage of her friend Peggi Lepage's uneven but increasingly eventfully career in Toronto, New York and Paris, as well as talking to agents, photographers and other insiders about ins and (mostly) outs of the biz.
What Alatorre wants to make clear is that his wife Angie and the firm she once owned, Eventfully Yours, is not involved with the dinner.