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Sewell introduced the notion of eventfulness as one of several analytic frameworks that could be used to conceptualize the relationship between temporality and social change.
But this in no way implies what has often been asserted as "a divine agency in the eventfulness of historical and social realities.
The beauty of eventfulness also appears in this aesthetics in the way the notion of a developing tradition enlivens the Council of Trent's teaching on the cooperative role of human agency in the encounter with divine grace.
83) It is this which the absence of an account of tenderness in contemporary accounts of the civic role of human feeling, and discourses of citizenship, social belonging and care points up: the lack of a sense of the potential that the capacity to 'affect and be affected' allows, and the inability of recognising the experience of the self as unfolding in the eventfulness of an encounter with the world that is assumed by an embedded understanding of social feeling.
Mimetic narrativity could be defined as the representation of a temporal and/or causal sequence of events, with the degree of narrativity hinging upon the degree of eventfulness.
The eventfulness of history and the temporality of history constantly overcome and exceed the film.
This paper will argue that rock-bottom has theoretical value and can be mapped onto existential-phenomenological notions of truth and the eventfulness of being.
17) The creation of a new dramatic liturgy and the formulation of an aesthetic political theology emphasized the emotional experience of immediacy, promising to give back to alienated subjects that Kairotic eventfulness (18) and ecstatic pathos that contained the energeia and of the historical moment and the calling for a dynamic existence in opposition to the secularized and deteriorated conditions of ordinary life.
At present she is collaborating with Peter Huhn from Hamburg and other colleagues on a book entitled Eventfulness in Lyric Poetry.
Santner, as the site where "contingency and necessity, eventfulness and essence, coincide.
I suggest that while the immediate purposes of sitting and standing are pragmatic in assigning caring responsibilities for specific children, their eventfulness also actualizes something greater: trust, reciprocity and solidarity among extended families.
The structure is plastic because it is both a condition of possibility of eventfulness and a consequence of it.