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Asi las cosas, se propone realizar una valoracion en torno a si resulta correcto imputar el dolo eventual conforme al articulo 61 del CP o si por el contrario ello es imposible en razon del vocablo intencion, lo que es necesario en la idea de dar respuesta a la jurisprudencia de la Sala de Casacion Penal.
They came within one penalty of qualifying, but ultimately went out to the eventual winners (Shipley).
Rangers were thumped by eventual European Cup winners Red Star.
If these two considerations are genuinely to comprise the final guide as to how to divide the eventual sale proceeds (should the sale be made other than to racing), perhaps this could be settled pro rata, based on the amounts the betting public and government respectively have paid directly into the Tote over the years.
It is to be hoped that the figures, this time, turn out to be right for everyone involved ( including the taxpayer and the eventual users.
The ICMICs will provide an organizational structure specifically designed to facilitate multidisciplinary interactions among investigators focused on the ultimate goal of discovering, developing, and translating molecular imaging technologies that will have eventual impact in the clinic.
What the province wanted was an eventual deal to restructure some $2.
High Commissioner for Refugees Sadako Ogata as his special representative on Afghanistan-related issues, including the eventual reconstruction of the country.
How important were competitive factors in the eventual decision -- i.
The tax adviser cautions Martina on the possibility of a detrimental impact on eventual Social Security benefits from a reduction in her current payroll tax payments.
Arranged chronologically, the chapters begin with "The Humor of a Young Wife New Married" and move through succeeding stages of marriage, including pregnancy, female postpartum behaviors and subsequent male reactions, and an eventual realization of "pain, grief, and disgrace" (99) ascribed to marriages lasting into middle age.
com/reports/c62468) has announced the addition of "Positioning Your VC-Funded Company for an Eventual Exit Strategy (M&A, IPO): Top CEOs, VCs and Lawyers on Insider Advice for Eventually Exiting at the Best Valuation and Terms" to their offering.