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Many are unaware that a simple home insurance policy will not provide sufficient cover for all eventualities, so we're urging all landlords to protect their investments and ensure they have the right insurance policy in place.
BRUSSELS/LONDON: European officials are working on contingency plans in case Greece bombs out of the euro zone, the EU's trade commissioner said yesterday, while Berlin said it was prepared for all eventualities.
HYDERABAD, February 04, 2012 (Balochistan Times): The Japanese Government will provide assistance for establishment of an emergency centre so that the district administration could be able to smoothly tackle any eventualities arising as a result of natural disaster.
DTCM has partnered with DMCA as part of our commitment to ensure that cruise trips from Dubai will set a global standard in terms of safety and readiness to handle various eventualities, as well as to provide world-class logistical and technical support to the cruise ships.
New Delhi, Jan 18 ( ANI ): Oil Minister S Jaipal Reddy on Wednesday said the country needs to be prepared for all eventualities over its oil supplies from Iran.
The ash cloud crisis, airline strikes and holiday company collapses have led to a drive to be covered against all eventualities, the survey by money transfer company Western Union revealed.
Laws has prepared for all eventualities by heading back to work on June 20 - but some of his players may have to rip up their plans for a spell on the beach
Chairman of North East Access to Finance Limited, Hugh Morgan Williams, commented: "When there is so much else going on, thinking about what may seem unlikely eventualities in the future will often be put on the backburner, but the importance of forward planning should not be underestimated - not only to ensure business continuity but also to safeguard the futures of people's families too.
If we want to be protected against all eventualities we must sometimes expect to see money go down the drain.
Summary: AIN TEMOUCHENT (Algeria)- Regional water reserves will be set up in all county's provinces in order to guard against all eventualities, Minister of Water Resources Abdelmalek Sellal told the press Monday.
We are prepared if we have to take him off and we're prepared for all eventualities.
But Hurricane Run has what it takes to overcome all eventualities, especially with the cut in the ground he clearly appreciates.