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One of the purposes of the training is to practice and understand implementation of disaster response plans, enhance response capacities, well coordinated network and strong partnership among all stakeholders, including all PDMAs, Disaster Management Authorities and all other relevant departments, including Armed Forces and civil departments to further build strong partnership to ensure prompt response to any eventuality.
1 0 a month sounds like a lot, especially for an eventuality that may never occur.
The truth is that the Cold War had ended by then, an eventuality that Bush could not have foreseen.
These strategies to extend their reach could also lead to a glut and the Japanese electronics and semiconductors industry has to prepare for that eventuality as well.
e] and PP is not in the number of positions: both pluperfect forms define the eventuality as being placed two positions away from S.
They may also want to determine if their policy covers terrorist acts or acts of war; there is some question whether firms will continue to insure against this eventuality.
Eventuality is in good form and must be the selection for the Heart of Eternity Diamond Handicap (4.
Kelly gracefully forestalled this eventuality by mounting his retrospective at the Guggenheim as a subversive homage to its architect, matching every nuanced curve and angle in Wright's building with a nuanced curve and angle of his own.
Wedding Plan (tel: 01603 767699) offer a pounds 49 package covering almost every eventuality.
I lean toward the third, which puts in question the eventuality that most of the artists with whom we engage had the cultural wherewithal to control heavily esoteric, usually Latin or Greek, texts.
Each pushed the boundaries, expanded the knowledge of the corporation, and when combined with GM's less adventurous offerings, overlapped the market in a way that kept the company prepared for almost any eventuality.
In preparation for that eventuality, we at OnLight, Inc.