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nutrition: it can eventuate a lot of other health problems and is in a close context with the socio-economic status--the better it is the more overweight people are.
The firm said he had had several verbal warnings about his driving and, following a final warning, dismissed him because it feared a serious injury might eventuate.
I made the decision because it became very clear to me that the commitments that were made to me and that I agreed to in 2006 involving external parties were not going to eventuate.
His expectation of a full apology for wartime aggression did not eventuate and the trip was considered a failure.
There's been much agreed on before where the Murray-Darling is concerned, but today, some years down the track, the release of the billion-dollar critical environmental flows, central to the discussions, are apparently largely still to eventuate.
at the scientific level of generality and precision, each of our accepted beliefs may eventuate as false and many of our accepted beliefs will eventuate as false' (26).
It will eventuate in great cost savings if the payers would reimburse physicians for keeping patients healthy and away from hospitals.
Such clinical nuggets, or innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment, may or may not eventuate in a published, refereed article in an otolaryngology--head and neck surgery journal.
It is about just doing whatever we can to stay relaxed really, staying focused and trying not to get too hyped up, just thinking about what might eventuate.
But reports yesterday that Cerberus is to sell 20,000 former trade union flats it bought three years ago, raised fears the long-awaited turnaround may fail to eventuate.
Both of us would have liked to have got a game on, but there were a few issues we both had - so unfortunately it didn't eventuate," said the master leg-spinner.