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The aggregate eventuated risk (the arithmetic sum of the cost impacts of all the risk events which actually occur) is reflected by the cost variance, [DELTA]C.
As a result, there is an inadequate presentation of the successful collaboration between a coalition of 200 or more NGOs and a series of moderate governments that eventuated in the Rome treaty, despite the objections by such powerhouses as the United States and China.
To enforce all this, the Company established extensive systems of surveillance over the colonized, which eventuated, ironically, in new barriers to "free trade.
These two views forged our account of the four principles and eventuated in a substantively different philosophical analysis of two of the three commission principles.
The project that eventuated in The Best Years of Our Lives originated with the intuition of Hollywood producer Sam Goldwyn that, when the war was over, American society would face profound challenges in reintegrating the sixteen million men whose lives had been disrupted by military service.
A largely godforsaken movement eventuated, the last New York movement: New Image.
While handing over a cheque of K500,000 to the insurance company, Police Commissioner, Gari Baki, said former commissioners have tried to implement such arrangements aiming at assisting members of RPNGC and he is glad it has eventuated.
Jane Butterworth, Pwllheli youth section chairman said: "Stephen has worked tirelessly, without his commitment the Welsh National Sailing Academy would never have eventuated and his hard work deserves to be recognised".
uk/football/2012/aug/07/football-tottenham-hotspur-leandro-damiao) strongly connected with a move for the star in the last summer, but a deal never eventuated and he stayed in South America beyond deadline day.
The song eventuated after Darcy became the victim of racist slurs at a local pizza bar, where his only reaction was to pen down his anger into his rhymes.
Minutes of the meeting read, 'members concurred that the appropriate course was to set policy as required by the most likely outcome, and to be ready to respond to other outcomes if they eventuated.