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Each individual pocket of the state can have very different conditions so really, the message that we're putting out, particularly to those naysayers is, it's just good business planning to have a think about these things and say 'if this does eventuate, what does it mean for my farm, what does it mean for the business?
He said: 'If the proposal advocated by the Australian racing authorities eventuates, they would be confronted by the anomalous situation of 'the race that stops the nation' being sponsored by Emirates, yet the global Godolphin team could be excluded from participating because they were based in Britain.
It will be very interesting to see what eventuates from this research.
Thus, the book deals with small-scale, interpersonal violence "which eventuates out of people's ordinary, routine and mundane social interaction" (1) and it "fixes the location of such violence in familiar places: the home and the neighbourhood, the pub or the workplace; the street or the back yard" (11).
While the worst of the legislation's powers seem to be on the carpet, whatever eventuates in its final form will be a significant curtailment of civil liberties.