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Programmes out of spa: after all day long pampering the out of spa programs make the stay-there more colourful and eventuates a longer detention time.
people suffering from health problems and pain--these eventuate, that mostly health-services are resorted by them, however they stay in hotels and are looking for leisure tourism services in the spare-time, between certain treatments.
nutrition: it can eventuate a lot of other health problems and is in a close context with the socio-economic status--the better it is the more overweight people are.
unemployment: first it has influence on mental status, which eventuate stress and other problems that have several physical symptoms.
A wide range of chronic illnesses can eventuate travelling as a solution by consumers.
Hornsby's second conclusion, it will be recalled, is that commonsense psychological explanations don't compete with scientific explanations, and hence aren't subject to elimination, reduction, correction, and refinement by the latter, since explananda of the former don't have determinate counterparts in the sequence of events that eventuate in bodily movements.
From this intriguing opening, which pro raises a much better film than eventuates, Brougher gets bogged down in the mechanics of a clever but ultimately enervating yarn about time travelers with scores from the past to settle.
Spike Heels is a sturdier piece of work, just as cheery as Reddin's play but with a Shavian plot armature that systematically reverses sentimental expectations and eventuates in a final curtain that is both dramatically satisfying and politically incorrect: The rich cad turns out to be the right matrimonial choice for a lower-class sexpot who finally has enough of the schmuck who's been trying to play Professor Higgins to her Eliza Doolittle.
When her parents suggest that she go away to live with an aunt in order to make a break with Homer, Wilma forces the issue by coming to the Parrish's, setting in motion the interpersonal process that eventuates in the bedroom scene, in which their future is finally resolved.