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Design possibilities are unlimited with everlasting flowers.
We saw the 'age of faux' emerge strongly last year, with the demand for everlasting flowers and plants for indoors and out taking off," says Kay Hutcheson, head of buying at House of Bath.
During my short stay in Baguio City I found the roads very clean, climate was cool, the people were peaceful, no mosquitoes and dew flies, many leaves of cabbages were attacked by worms, Everlasting flowers and pine trees abundant.
Lavender Dwarf Munstead; Lavatera Pastel Mixed; Cornflower Double Mixed; Iceland Poppies Meadow Pastels Mixed; Everlasting Flowers Mixed; Gypsophila Covent Garden White; Helichrysum Tall Double Mixed; Larkspur Giant Imperial Mixed; Poppy Paeony Flowered Mixed.
EVERLASTING flowers like the straw plant or helichrysum, which has bright orange, red and yellow petals, are great for dried arrangements.
X: Along with other everlasting flowers, the strawflower, Xerochrysum bracteatum , will increase in popularity.
99 Lavender Dwarf Munstead/ Lavatera Pastel Mixed/ Cornflower Double Mixed/ Iceland Poppies Meadow Pastels Mixed/ Everlasting Flowers Mixed/ Gypsophila Covent Garden White /Helichrysum Tall Double Mixed/ Larkspur Giant Imperial Mixed/ Poppy Paeony Flowered Mixed.
Well you can if you grow everlasting flowers that can be picked, dried and reassembled for permanent displays indoors.