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Its beauty, as if timeless, now seems everlastingly present.
I am everlastingly grateful to the Queen for enabling it to happen.
Thus, if the monotheist sinner will be everlastingly in the hell, that means the hell does not mean for the disbelievers only.
The feminist, Marilyn French (1985), declares that power cannot be everlastingly guaranteed and it is the refusal to allow power circulates that leads sometimes to its abuse.
everlastingly alert that in striking at union abuses we do not
Keep your eye everlastingly on the ball, Fungo, and the game will be good to you as it was good to me, despite the incursions of the latinos and nigras who have almost ruined it.
Duchamp complied with their request but was everlastingly disdainful of that censorship and probably had it in mind as the American Independents Society prepared its debut.
Well, we have an advantage over him; we have the whole text of his courtship everlastingly before us, which he just then does not.
It is the Way in which the universe goes on, the Way in which things everlastingly emerge [.
not a desire to get possession of something one lacks, but a reciprocal relation, not an everlastingly 'given' state, but a dynamic free expression; an unchanging love is a continually novel decision to love.
And for that, humankind, and especially imperiled peoples the world over, must be profoundly and everlastingly grateful.