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However, if the universe as a whole were like that, then, because of the kinship of the human mind with it, the human mind would share also in other characteristics that would reasonably be attributed to the cause of the universe as a whole, such as everlastingness.
Some of God's attributes cannot be reproduced in human form--for instance, His oneness or His everlastingness.
at times overemphasizes in isolation from his positive theology), and a grammatical analysis of Aquinas's negatively theological notion of eternity (which is not everlastingness but a timelessness which may be likened to the nunc stans or to atemporal duration), Part I zeroes in on the two thorny issues of temporal fatalism and causal determinism.
It is, instead, a reversal of the usual sentiments on the death of a poet, the everlastingness of his lines or his firm place in culture's memory hank.