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8 A-3 B-1 C-2 CORRECT ANSWER C Give it a clean every day with a antibacterial wipe.
Outward to the festival site at 9am, then every 10 minutes until 4pm.
Jrue Holiday and senior guard Robert Ford are hanging after practice, talking about school while the boys' volleyball team takes the court and members of a performing arts group duck their heads in every few minutes to chat.
So many things can go wrong, in fact, that it takes the combined efforts of every gardener to nurture and sustain life in such a dangerous world.
Depending on how the network gets data to the machines using it, everything going to and from a machine may also be seen by every other machine on the network.
Kangaroo rats can't afford to do that because they would lose a lot of water if they had to open their mouths in the dry desert air every time they found a seed," Petryszyn says.
We must continue to assess every student every year.
This premise is absurd and destructive for every state engaged in the standardized arms race.
We were allowed electric lights strung across every street.
Religious feasts invite us not only to renew and strengthen our belief in God, the Supreme Good of every human being, and to revitalize our relationships with one another, but they also invite us to rediscover, respectfully reaffirm and bravely defend our own dignity and that of every person as human beings created by God.
Every month, Sanrio brings out 500 new products and scraps the same number from the existing range.
If you're 20 to 39, have your breasts examined by a health care professional every three years, and once a year beginning at age 40.