every bit

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The first time they put the full harness with all its chains on my back I stood on my forelegs and kicked every bit of it off.
The young rogue had found my trap out, taken away my paper, and put some of his there, every bit ear-marked.
I knew every bit of him, every trick, every caper, and I would have staked my life that it was impossible for him to do a thing like this.
He became darkly menacing at last, and with much heat argued that the Company had the right to every bit of information about its 'ter- ritories.
Tom was fond of hot punch--I may venture to say he was VERY fond of hot punch--and after he had seen the vixenish mare well fed and well littered down, and had eaten every bit of the nice little hot dinner which the widow tossed up for him with her own hands, he just ordered a tumbler of it by way of experiment.
But it's every bit as good - every little bit - and the whole boiling of you are caught in it except me
They had quarrelled over the service, which was every bit as fine as Sappho, according to Hewet; so that Hirst's paganism was mere ostentation.
On the way the number of seals which we saw was quite astonishing: every bit of flat rock, and parts of the beach, were covered with them.
I don't care whether I am a Minx, or a Sphinx,' returned Lavinia, coolly, tossing her head; 'it's exactly the same thing to me, and I'd every bit as soon be one as the other; but I know this--I'll not grow after I'm married
The mate himself was very ill, and half starved; for he declared he had reserved nothing from the men, and went share and share alike with them in every bit they ate.
Suppose, now, that you are coming out of Spain and on the way to Berlin; well, you would see triumphal arches, and in the sculpture upon them the common soldiers are done every bit as beautifully as the generals!
My dear, good, generous John, when we were talking the other night about the Cricket, I had it on my lips to say, that at first I did not love you quite so dearly as I do now; that when I first came home here, I was half afraid I mightn't learn to love you every bit as well as I hoped and prayed I might--being so very young, John