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I never played in the (English) Premiership but I think this is every bit as good of a competition.
He said: "In a seat that was Labour for 30 years, in the north of England where they said we couldn't win, with a Labour campaign that threw every bit of dirt at us, every class war, every bit of dirt, after the Prime Minister brought forward his entire legislative programme and a mini budget that tried to bribe people with pounds 3 billion to try and save his skin - after all of that, I hope you'll agree that we ended our by-election drought in quite some style.
In other Sheckler news, it seems the little rascal swept the brand new Arby's Action Sports Awards, an honor every bit as weighty as the average Arby's customer.
By definition, every machine on the network saw every bit of data transmitted--this was necessary, to figure out which packets it should grab.
An expert science writer for children, Sara Latta has developed a superb approach to teaching young readers ages 7 to 10 about an astronomical phenomena is a way that is every bit as entertaining as it is informed and informative.
Of course, Nixon had earned every bit of the hatred.
It's a derby which is every bit as heated, every bit and passionate as the big-name clashes in Liverpool, Manchester and beyond.
Her voice ages effortlessly and distinctively when portraying the other characters, whom she characterizes every bit as well.
Here at Angel Eyes we like nothing more than discovering a star is every bit as nice off stage as they are on it.
Our affection for her is every bit as huge as our fear of this dreadful disease.
Its story, as told in these pages, is every bit as interesting as the stories of Beebe and Barton.