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We show you how to lose every last trace of make-up
"If this gets her back, it will have been worth every last penny."
Directed by the BAFTA award-winning Tom Roberts, Every Last Child is the dramatic story of five people caught up in the Polio crisis in Pakistan.
ABU DHABI - World Immunization Week 2015 launched yesterday with a special event featuring the documentary, Every Last Child, a film about polio in Pakistan.
Every Last Child, directed by award-winning filmmaker Tom Roberts, follows the harrowing stories of five people -- including vaccinators, parents and health care workers -- who are caught up in the current polio crisis in Pakistan.
It was certainly what I did when I was trying to drag every last ounce of a playing career out of my fairly limited ability.
The NCA Bureau decided last Friday to hold every last Tuesday of each month a dialogue session with the government.
Which American billionaire advocated transferring 'every last Palestinian?' "I hear that one Avigdor Lieberman is proposing land swaps with the Palestinians.
Why, when paying at a supermarket till, do people insist on packing away every last item and only then start to rummage for their purse and then their cards?
Adelaide, Mar.3 ( ANI ): Former Australian skipper Ricky Ponting has said that now that he has retired from one-day cricket, he wants to get every last bit of pleasure out of playing Tests for his country, no matter how short or long the tenure may be.
We cannot wait for every last "i" to be dotted and "t" to be crossed before we act.
After 451 pages of lively-written biographies, Losch adds an additional 122 pages that list every last individual, even those mentioned only in genealogies (he counts 28 people named Azariah), and gives a thumb-nail identification of each and a guide to the pronunciation of their name.