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In a statement, he said 'While we acknowledge the high cost of treating Lassa fever cases in Nigeria, especially the cost of the drug Ribavirin, we want to state unequivocally that the Federal Government of Nigeria has ensured that Ribavirin has been provided free-of-charge to patients, for every single case of Lassa fever reported in Nigeria in 2018.
Even in the Champions League now, every single opponent will be much more difficult than it maybe was in the group stage, so we are expecting a lot of quality players against us.
But I always tell my players that no expectations, that what we expect from them actually is for them to play hard every single game, give it their best every single game, and the result will take care of itself.
New insights, new trends, new technologies, new tools, new possibilities arise every single day; that's why we have to stay curious, updated and informed on all levels and all subjects, from geeky games launches to nerdy economic facts.
The family know and no doubt appreciate every single one.
There is no doubt whatsoever Benitez has been touched by the love he has felt from every single Newcastle fan - on Tyneside and beyond, because the reach of this club is global.
Every single day is different and every single day, you have to deal with different situations because most of them are new for me.
Every single candidate we have in the field is worthy of election and we'll work might and main, every one of us, to ensure that we return every one of them because they're worth the effort.
From October 1, 2015, and before the commencement of a new tenancy, a carbon monoxide detector alarm has to be fitted in every single rented property, even with one gas appliance, especially where there is either a coal or wood burning fire.
She said: "It's easy to forget that behind every number is a cancer patient needing urgent treatment, and every single one who has to wait for over two months to begin treatment is one too many.
If we're asked to accept that and respect it, we have to see that in every single other situation, there is full and equal participation of women's leadership in the church--that every single position that does not require ordination is equally filled by men and women.
FATCA, signed into US law in 2010, was supposedly aimed to 'clamp down' on US tax evasion, but it requires every single bank in the world to disclose information to America's tax authorities (IRS) or be fined 30% of the value of ALL funds routed through the US financial system.