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Have a treat every so often, whether that's a glass of wine, a piece of chocolate or your favourite takeaway every now and again at the weekend.
GELSENKIRCHEN, Germany - The remnants of the English invasion nursed beers in the town square Sunday night, punctuating their presence every so often with song.
Goalscoring centre-halfs only come along every so often, and they are worth their weight in gold.
Though the $900 gem has shown a propensity to overheat at times, the stereo works perfectly, provided you punch the steering wheel every so often.
They mate for life but every so often they glide away.
Every so often, though, God offers us a chance to share more than before, to give more than we can afford, to cut every flower and give it away.
EVERY so often, a fairly obscure rock band stumbles upon one hit song which catapults them to worldwide fame.
It looks like even pop princesses like Kylie Minogue get their hearts broken by nasty men every so often.
I thought of the guy from Cantor Fitzgerald who cold-called me every so often to get me to buy stock.
Frank Godfrey said: "The timing lock will open the door every so often to expose the guilty couples.
Every so often he would send Me a letter or once in a while a book--say a copy of his novel, Flesh Is Heir ceremoniously inscribed on Valentine's Day.
Every so often an attempt is made to readjust this border and serve up outsider art on a new Dubuffet.