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Everybody discussed me; and did it as uncon- cernedly as if I had been a cabbage.
But I always ask everybody what hotel they're stopping at, and so I've got my head all mixed up with hotels.
Well, nobody could think of anything to do -- everybody was stumped, and set still.
The letter was read and reread until it was nearly worn out; everybody admired its courtly and gracious tone, and smooth and practiced style, everybody was sympathetic and excited, and the Coopers were steeped in happiness all the while.
Huck, it'll be the bulliest thing that ever happened if we find the body after everybody else has quit looking, and then go ahead and hunt up the murderer.
But not only is he a darling and alive and credible but his creator has also managed to invest everybody else in the book with the same kind of life.
She trembled lest Erik should discover where Raoul was hidden; she told us in a few hurried words that Erik had gone quite mad with love and that he had decided TO KILL EVERYBODY AND HIMSELF WITH EVERYBODY if she did not consent to become his wife.
So everybody was pleased when Sally Henny Penny sent out a printed poster to say that she was going to re-open the shop-- "Henny's Opening Sale
Everybody looked and listened with astonishment, comprehending nothing of what passed.
Norris was inclined to allow, to reconcile Fanny to the novelty of Mansfield Park, and the separation from everybody she had been used to.
Chil is good friends with everybody, but he is a cold-blooded kind of creature at heart, because he knows that almost everybody in the Jungle comes to him in the long-run.
Nevertheless, everybody has them; notwithstanding which, nobody can tell why.