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Thus the "they" disburdens Dasein in its everydayness because, having being levelled down, it never faces the responsibility of its own choice.
But the everydayness of work has increasingly receded into the background and instead a market economy, and working within it, is increasingly glamourized as exciting and changeable.
29) Having heard, seen, smelled, and felt all of this before, the everydayness of Kakah Ramat's performance works reassuringly.
In the following reading of Abish's How German Is It, I want to consider how the text engages with this politicization and metaphysics of everydayness, and as it appeared in West Germany between 1968-78, by analysing the confrontation of writing and terrorism the novel stages.
My father did two things, I realize as the years pass, that I will never get around to learning, lost in everydayness as I am: One is how to pray well, and the other is how to fix a pair of shoes.
The ontological concerns of Riley's poems might call for glosses from any number of modern philosophers - Heidegger's discussions of the relationship between the "being-with-others" that is everydayness (read "custom" in Riley) and the "being's-one's self which we could be" might be one place to start, as would Merleau-Ponty's writing on the body in The Phenomenology of Perception.
But "Cop Shop" is gritty and readable, and it dramatically reinforces, as if we needed it, the terrible everydayness of violence and depravity, and the increasing defeatism within the law enforcement community.
Steichen wrote in the catalogue's introduction that the exhibition "was conceived as a mirror of the universal elements and emotions in the everydayness of life - as a mirror of the essential oneness of mankind throughout the world.
Then there is the Bhopal group for information and action and individuals like Satinath Sarangi who have sustained the everydayness of struggle.
We understand ourselves daily, as we can formulate it terminologically, not authentically in the strict sense, not constantly in terms of the ownmost and most extreme possibilities of our own existence, but inauthentically, our selves indeed, but as we are not our own, rather as we have lost ourselves in the everydayness of existing among things and people.
the undifferentiated everydayness of Jewish life along the route of Newark's Number 14 Clinton Place bus .
The oratorio for solo soprano, tenor and baritone, mixed chorus and boys' choir, full and chamber orchestras and organ blends the gravity of war atrocities with the absurdity of their everydayness, piety with grotesqueness.