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'The transgender persons were first evicted from Swat,' said the petitioner.
'Why would you evict the poor who are already from that locality to relocate the poor from Metro Manila?
Moreover, nine tenants, including women and children, were injured when armed men of the landlords stormed their houses to evict them in Hando village.
But since Jessica has already been evicted, Alex may set her sights on Cody instead.
BIRMINGHAM City Council may have unlawfully evicted more than 50 families by using bailiffs who turned up without notice after applying for writs 120 miles away in Huddersfield.
According to Head of the Wadi Maleh Council Aref Daraghmeh, Israeli soldiers temporarily evicted Palestinian families from their homes to conduct military drills from 6AM until 12PM.
Although HUD can encourage authorities to evict over-income residents, laws do not allow residents to be removed based solely on income, so authorities do not have to comply with HUD's request.
They were evicted yesThey were evicted yesterday after authorities built up evidence recording deliberate fires, criminal damage, illegal use of off-road motorbikes, noise nuisance and other antisocial behaviour.
AFTER we revealed widow Carol Sutherland was evicted, you praised the Labour council who refused to enforce the Bedroom Tax...
"Well I didn't leave quietly, so I got properly evicted.
“The Groh family and I are very thankful that the Court recognized that innkeepers have a responsibility not to evict their guests into circumstances where their guests are likely to be harmed,” said Shafner after the opinion was announced.
But Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing - owed approximately pounds 5m by current and former tenants - says it doesn't want to evict its debtors because it makes recovering the money even more difficult.