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Key benefits of the new tamper evident screwcap adapter include direct permanent evidence of initial opening, better tightness (up to 10psi) and less probability of leakage to ensure product safety and integrity.
Evident, founded in 2000, is in nanomaterials synthesis and products, and its history includes commercial product launches in quantum dots, LEDs, biotech and military applications.
That's a big difference between bottles and blisters--any thermoform blister is inherently tamper evident.
This cultural and social concept of the Sacrament of the Eucharist is further evident in the next section:
The connection of the domestic sphere with the marketplace is evident in The Comedy of Errors, as marriage, with women as commodities, is part of a social economy.
CEO Roger Boyce said Evident is ahead of the game as companies explore new trends such as utility computing.
3 of its Evident convergent service usage mediation product.
This cross-sectional study considered what differences are evident in the oral fairy tales that children tell at different ages.
The patient had no other masses on physical examination, but widespread cafe au lait spots were evident.
The exceptional weakness so evident in a number of economic indicators toward the end of last year (perhaps in part the consequence of adverse weather) apparently did not continue in January.
Winter's magisterial command of the subject and her intimate knowledge of the players is evident in every brief, illuminating comment, dealing not just with mesmerism or the history of medicine but also (a s in the portrait of John Elliotson as an avant garde medical hero) sartorial details: Elliotson is shown in the forefront of fashion, wearing trousers.