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Nurses said their most common reason for not participating was the lack of national consistency between programmes, and excessive evidential requirements," said Trim.
In the absence of credible metadata, the admissibility and evidential weight of any electronic document falls to be challenged.
The central unit of the body-worn equipment uses a robust Compact Flash card for digital, evidential quality recording of agents' video and audio footage.
To give guidance as to how electronic records should be stored to provide admissibility in court and to have due evidential weight, the British Standards Institute created the Code of Practice for Legal Admissibility of Information Stored Electronically--BSI-DISC PD 0008 which has been renamed BIP 0008 in its 2004 third edition.
Felix, Gramling and Maletta (2001) find that internal audit characteristics have a significant influence on external audit fees, indicating that external auditors utilize the IAF in compiling evidential evidence.
Integrity of the store to maintain evidential weight in court
The obvious purpose was to mislead any inquiry into thinking that they had been written contemporaneously and there is therefore an evidential basis for prosecuting her for an offence of forgery.
An amendment of Interpretation 2, "The Effect of an Inability to Obtain Evidential Matter Relating to Income Tax Accruals," of Statement on Auditing Standards No.
0 while observing the requirements stipulated in the British Standards Institution Code of Practice for Legal Admissibility and Evidential Weight of Information Stored Electronically.
When digital data is compromised--either lost, stolen, deleted or otherwise manipulated--and can be of evidential value for a potential lawsuit, electronic discovery practices come into play.
According to Yu, Zhang and Collingwood were both uninterested in and opposed to the mechanical approach to human understanding, shown either in the evidential study of ancient classics prevalent in Zhang's time or in the influence of positivist/historicist historiography of late-nineteenth-century and early-twentieth-century Europe, the object of Collingwood's critique.
This paper describes a new classification method (DER) based on evidential reasoning to which a series of modifications are added [1].